SVGC Gun Club
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Sycamore Valley Gun Club
Freedom, Indiana

Membership Application and Profile/Renewal Addresses

Membership Summary
For the Sycamore Valley Conservation and Education Foundation and Sycamore Valley Gun Club

* The Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization and is the business manager for land purchases, improvements, maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc.
   Membership is $200 annually, voting membership is $500.
* Gun club membership requirements:
   - Sycamore Valley Conservation and Education Foundation membership
   - Membership in the National Rifle Association.
   - Also pay the first year dues of $100. Recurring dues are $50.
   - Attend a monthly gun club meeting.
   - Have a walking orientation of the range with a club member.
   - Read the bylaws provided in your membership packet.
   - Complete and turn in the Membership Profile card.

* For a Foundation voting member the total cost excluding NRA membership for the first year is $600 and $550 thereafter.
* For a Foundation non-voting member the total cost excluding NRA membership for the first year is $300 and $250 thereafter.

There are no daily rates. The range is unmanned, no phone number exists. Membership includes the combination to the range gate lock.

SVGC members are responsible for the operation and management of the activities on the Freedom Range complex including matches, classes and related activities.

If you are interested in joining the Sycamore Valley Gun Club, print the pdf forms, complete them, and bring to a meeting with payment.

All meetings are held at the Freedom Community Center, about 2 blocks west of the blinker light, slightly off the ‘main’ road on the left.

See the 'Meetings and Match' link for meeting dates. See the 'Map and Directions' link for the location of Freedom.
If you have questions regarding membership, please send them to the Webmaster.

Print and complete the Member Profile and the Membership Application

**********RENEWAL INFORMATION**********

A large portion of our older members have the Foundation dues payable on October 1st of each year.
Other members have Foundation dues payable on the anniversary of their joining the club.

Club dues are to be paid by April 1st of each year.
We always allow a little unofficial grace period following that date, but on the first range clean-up day of the year, we will change the combination on the gate lock.


Sycamore Valley C & E Foundation
P.O. Box 548
Spencer, IN 47460


P.O. Box 1514
Bloomington, IN 47402